Behavioural Consultations

I offer 1-2-1 behavioural consultation or training packages.

Often a dog is not able to cope in a group environment and so 1-2-1 training and support would be the best option.

Maybe you just need help with one issue such as getting your dog to come back to you when called or walking your dog without them pulling on the lead so a simple training package for you and your dog would be more beneficial than classes.

Or your dog may have behavioural issues such as guarding its toys or food, reacting to dogs or people on lead, or maybe your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. These are all behavioural issues which tend to be driven by emotions so in this case it would be far better to work on understanding your dog's emotions and how best to support them so that we can change how they react in different situations.

Finally, if you have a really nervous dog that has maybe had a bad start to life, we need to work on building up their resilience and supporting them as they recover. In these situations, training would do little good if any whereas supporting them emotionally and putting a behavioural support package in place would work best.

No behaviour is too small as nipping things in the bud prevents things escalating and becoming a big problem. I can make a package specifically for you and your dog so please contact me for more information and to discuss any issues you may have.

Costs start at £85-£95 for a behavioural consultation, follow-up plan and support but you can add on additional 1-2-1 sessions if needed.

Behavioural Consultations
Behavioural Consultations
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