Absolutely changed our family dynamic - Julie took the time to explain why our dog was showing behaviours which helped us to understand and adapt to him. I could not recommend this service more, if you are even considering it - do it!

Nikki Davies

Had a one to one with Julie followed up by a 6 week puppy training programme all of which were massively beneficial. We have a nervous little Dachshund and she taught us some great techniques to help him in public spaces - I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a little support and she's a really lovely lady too!

Rhi McCloud

6 months ago
Julie has been fantastic with both my dog and me! She clearly knows her stuff and has a wealth of experience she shares freely. She is totally committed to doing as much as she can to support you to improve your dogs life. I have a reactive, sensitive dog and Julie has given me some excellent guidance and support. Highly recommended and well worth it.

Georgina Walters

Julie was great at demonstrating the training our puppy needs, and providing solutions to problems. She sends through detailed training plans by email after each session. Our pup responded really well to her. And all three dogs (and the cats) love her!

Rachel Hurdley

I cannot recommend Julie enough. We had a one to one session where Julie came to our home and watched how our dog behaved, what we were struggling with and gave us fantastic techniques to deal with them. She really got to know Ruben to make sure the techniques would actually suit him. This was just over 24 hours ago and already there is a huge difference with our dog just from consistently following what Julie told us to do. We felt totally relaxed and comfortable with her, there was no judgement (even when our older dog decided he fancied some attention and did anything to get it) thank you so much Julie and we will definitely be joining workshops and walks in the future. Also, thank you for the recommendations of chews/treats to use. We got some today and the boys are in their element!

Emily Codd

I contacted Julie for help with my dog who was going through a phase of being stressed about meeting other dogs on the lead. The consultation was very helpful and reassuring, and extremely thorough: the video clips of body language were particularly helpful. Julie has a lot of experience with dogs that are not of traditionally-obedient breeds, and as a scenthound owner, I found this understanding very helpful.

I later attended Julie's short 'Improvers' course with my dog, and found this very helpful. Initially I thought the cost was a bit higher than I'd expected from other courses I had attended in the past with other trainers but given that there was loads of personal attention and follow-up support (not to mention the brilliant goodie bag) it was actually really good value. My dog is now much more confident and relaxed, and having continued to work with him using some of the exercises Julie recommended, I am enjoying our walks together much more.

Thank you Julie!

Victoria Clare

Julie is very knowledgeable, with so much time and energy devoted to K9s of all breeds, and will keep in contact for support if required. Helps you to help your dog! Julie has a natural way with dogs! Thank you for all your help.

Clare Walker

Very patient, professional trainer/proprietor; has been invaluable in giving us guidance and support while we normalise a young dog, rescued from mistreatment. We have been provided with session writeups - most useful.

Alasdair MacKenzie

We attended rescue dog classes, geared towards adult dogs who hasn't had the opportunity to train or bond. This is an excellent class perfectly balanced to cover both obedience and trust/bonding.

Anne Marie Sephton

Great advice for any questions you may have... even had other techniques to use if one wasn't working... Lovely group of puppies and owners..... Myself and Ralph had a great fun 6 weeks of learning thanks to both Julie and Sarah

Amanda Reynolds

Patient, knowledgeable and so kind when advising even with 2 very energetic, intelligent and at times difficult collie puppies. Can't thank Julie and Sarah enough for their guidance and support.

Sarah Barnes

We sought Julie's help with our Greek rescue dog. He was barking at our children and though it seemed he was asking them to play with him, it was frightening them. Julie worked with us as a whole family, engaged our children with the training principles and made them feel more confident which also helped our dog feel less anxious I think. Julie was really good at understanding our dog, and then explaining to us why some of the behaviour that our dog was exhibiting might have been happening, and then giving us different techniques to try. All of the ideas were based on games and positive reinforcement. Julie has also been available over the phone since for further support which has been invaluable. Our dog is much happier and more relaxed in general since having Julie's help and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Ali O'Dochartaigh

I recently had a one to one session with Julie to help with my very nervous rescue dog. Julie is extremely knowledgeable and gave us some excellent tools and techniques to work on. I absolutely love her approach and her practice. She's very attentive and it was immediately clear to me that she doesn't have a 'one size fits all' attitude when it comes to her work. She takes the time to really look at all aspects of the dogs needs. This is certainly her passion, not just her work. To top it off, after the session, Julie compiled detailed notes and a plan, accompanied by handouts about everything we discussed and emailed it over to me. Extremely professional. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Claire Eaton

Professional, friendly, realistic and knowledgeable. These are just some of the words we would use to describe our experience with Julie and how she has helped us with our dogs. We have 2 Labradors who we brought as puppies (not related but effectively litter mates) around 6 months prior to the pandemic. We live in a relatively remote area and so were unable to continue with their socialisation during the pandemic. The dogs became reactive with other dogs, objects and people including us. We called Julie in earlier this year, pretty much at our wits end, and it has transformed our relationship with the dogs. Julie's understanding of the dogs behaviour and perhaps more importantly ours, has been transformational. She's gently and practically guided us into thinking "dog" and whilst both dogs still have some minor issues, with continued effort on our part and the knowledge that Julie is always on the other end of the phone we have so much more confidence in the dogs and our ability to do what's best for them. Both dogs are so much happier, less frantic and just a joy to be around. Julie tailors the training to the individual needs of the dogs and includes some lovely little touches, friendly competitions with prizes etc. We've completed the 'Improver' class in addition to some one to one sessions and will continue to attend selected workshops with Julie as and when they take place. So glad we made that call.

Caroline Owen

Julie's support and advice was invaluable when we were having trouble with our adopted greyhound, Goose who had behavioural issues. He was extremely aggressive towards my partner and possessive over me. Julie helped us understand Goosey's behaviour from a dogs perspective and gave us simple tasks and changes to make to our own behaviour. Within a week the situation had turned around and as you can see from the picture Goose is now completely in love with Sam! I can't recommend her enough ❤️

Alice Evans

Julie's help with our Spanish rescue dog, Frankie, has been extremely valuable to us. She has advised us on many matters, but specifically, she has helped us to deal with Frankie's reactions to other dogs - and as a result, over time, Frankie has gone from being a dog that was afraid of all-comers and didn't know how to deal with them (we imagine after a difficult time fending for herself on the streets of Spain), to a dog that now tolerates other dogs without feeling the need to defend herself. We can even take her into pubs where there are other dogs, and she lies down calmly. As a result, she is happier, calmer and more relaxed (and so are we!) The best thing about Julie's training methods is that they are kind, and very understanding - of both the dog and of us, the owners. She has great insight into 'the mind of the dog' and is able to explain how a dog is thinking and feeling, making it easier to understand WHY they are behaving in a certain way and to advise how to help them. Julie doesn't just tell you what to do - she explains why and how to do it. I didn't ever think I would ever need to use a behaviourist - now I don't know how you could manage a dog with unfamiliar or challenging behaviour without one.

Sara Fulton

My 1.5 yr old Labrador had become very snatchy with food, toys and hats. His recall had gone to pot. Julie gave me lots of hints and tips and reminded me that he.thrives on food rewarded games. Within a week of reintroducing rewards his recall was amazing and he was much better all round. Thanks Julie.

Kim Hudson

Super lovely and helpful, we had a really informative session with Julie which helped put my mind at ease with regards to our reactive greyhound. She has a great approach to training and understanding dogs' behaviour 😊

Dylan Hinge

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